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February 2010

The Youth Dialogue
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January 2009
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Projects which have been realised in the frame of our programme:
  1. The Evolution of Collective Security: NATO in the 21st Century (Jun – December 2009)
  2. The Cross Regional Exchange Program (January – December 2009)
  3. EULEX and Minority Communities in Kosovo (January – December 2009)
  4. The New Generations of Youth for Serbia and Kosovo (August- December 2009)
  5. Lobbying and Advocacy for the future of sustainable multiethnic societies in Kosovo
    (January – Jun 2008)
  6. Future Status of Kosovo, European and NATO Integrations,
    Mt Fruska gora (18th – 21st November 2007)
  7. Developing Multiculturalism and Overcoming Barriers to Cooperation among Youth in Kosovo, Leposavic, (20th – 22nd, July 2007)
  8. Cooperation among students from Serbia and Kosovo, problems and perspectives. Fruska gora (28th – 31st of May 2007)
  9. Youth shaping their future, Rugovo Valley,
    ( 18th – 21st of May 2007)
  10. Youth against xenophobia, Rugovska klisura, Pec, July 2006.
  11. Through Dialogue of Youth to Stability in the Region of South East Europe, Novi Sad, (May 2006)
  12. The Dialogue for the Future, Dialogue for the Co-existence, Cooperation between Youth, Novi Sad, (June 2005)
  13. Multiethnic Societies, Challenge or Reality – Standards for Kosovo, Priština, (February 2005)
Target group:
  • young people aged between 18 and 30
  • Serbs, Albanians, Roma, Gorans, Bosniaks and other nationalities that coexist in the region
  • socially disadvantaged communities

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