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February 2010

The Youth Dialogue
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January 2009
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  • Through dialogue of youth to influence re-establishment of trust and cooperation among young people from Serbia and Kosovo;
  • To have as many young people as possible participating in the cooperation programme;
  • To work upon reconciliation among youth;
  • To jointly commence new initiatives and common projects of cooperation among Serbs, Albanians, Roma, Gorans and other nationalities that coexist in this region;
  • To make an influence so everyone would have the right to an opinion, different attitudes and not being faced with the consequences in its community;
  • Through our activities to give a positive example in our communities;
  • To make an influence on acceptance of European values and life that beseem to all young people in Europe;
  • To change prejudices of Serbs and Albanians and other communities that live in the Balkan region;
  • To live in peace and in the society in which, through our work, we would be able to act upon establishment of developed civil society.

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