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February 2010

The Youth Dialogue
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January 2009
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( June 2012.)

With the aim of animating the streets of Novi Sad and raising awareness of some of the burning issues in the city, the Youth Dialogue Programme implemented its 4th Youth in Action training course: „Animate Your Soul“.

“Animate Your Soul” was created in a response to a need of different youth organization across Europe based on the lack of educational opportunities for youth workers that can enable them to bring the global dimension to the youth work using alternative methods (that could attract youth from different backgrounds). Streets have a huge potential in terms of informing, raising awareness, including and building a community. Therefore, specific methods designed for street work are highly recommended in this field and especially in times when they are not so widely applied.
“Animate Your Soul” was an opportunity for youth workers and leaders to explore deeper global topics and social exclusion as well to bring these important dimensions in their work and to act towards it.
The aim of the project was to raise the capacity of youth workers to contribute to a cohesive society though alternative youth friendly methods (street methods and techniques).The project had a strong dimension for exploring topics and realities in Europe (and around the world) as well a strong component in developing practical competencies for youth workers and coordinators in street animation and campaigning techniques (street theatre, flash mobs, clowning, joggling, face-painting, balloon modelling, etc.). These methods can reach any group in the community; they are attractive and proved to be extremely effective in sending various messages across (for informing or raising awareness).
The project was developed as a mutual effort from all 10 partners from: Romania, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania, in order to have a well-balanced multiplying effect, with a total number of 23 participants as direct beneficiaries in the project. Training took place in May-June in Serbia (Novi Sad) for duration of 9 days.
The training was crowned with a street action in Novi Sad “Kreni, Pokreni, Okreni”/”Start, Move, Turn Around”, developed by the participant themselves. The street action had 3 components:

  • Environmental protection
  • Discrimination
  • LGBT rights

In order to prepare for the action, participant visited 2 NGOs: Vojvodina Environmental Movement (http://www.ekoloskicentar.org/pgv/en/) and Group for Support of Young Gay Men “Izađi”/ “Come out” (http://www.podrska.in.rs/). Activists of the two organisations assisted them greatly in designing and implementing the action. 

Here are some photos from street action

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